Or…..”can you eat those chips?”

Or….”won’t that be too many calories for you?”

Or….”don’t you NEED to be fasting right now?”

Or…”aren’t you on a diet right now…you can’t eat that!”

I  am sure you have heard similar lines from friends, family and co workers while you were (or are) trying to change your habits and lifestyle. Notice I didn’t say “trying to stick to a diet”

I know I  hear that stuff allllll the time! I mean, I guess I kind of ask for it being a trainer/coach who has a Facebook page where I post pictures of my food and a blog where I talk about my eating. But, you…YOU don’t need to be hearing any of that stuff. Unfortunately though, that is life and that is our society. People will be jealous of your changes, how good you look, how they are still spinning their wheels while you have “figured it out” and the attention you are getting. When they are ready to make a change they will change, but for right now, DO YOU.

So, finding ways to combat negative social feedback for your lifestyle change is a very, very important skill to have for your long term success. Because trust me, you will hear it from someone…maybe even your parents…”why are you doing this, isn’t tracking your macros obsessive?”

For me it’s simple. Lifestyle change tactics are my life, my passion, my job and what I want to talk about more than anything because I love helping people change their lives. I also like looking and feeling better myself. That second point you must remember. So for me, I simply shrug it off. I am happy with what I do with my eating and I don’t really care what anyone else has to think about it

YOU must do this for YOU. And I really mean for YOU ONLY.

**Yes, doing this to set an example for your kids, or to be around longer for your grand kids are great reasons too!! But, in the end you must be making this lifestyle change for YOU and YOUR health.

Here are some ways to combat negative comments about your habit changes:

  1. “Isn’t tracking macros obsessive?”
  •  “Tracking macros has allowed to me achieve a body that I never would have been able to get without tracking. You can definitely get obsessed over anything in life, but for me it is a healthy habit that allows me to stay accountable. I also enjoy being able to control my weight loss/gain, instead of being at the whim of my body and what it wants to do. I like to see results and this gives me results.”

2) “Does that lasagna fit in your macros?”

  • “Yes, because I planned my day out so I could eat the lasagna and not feel guilty. But, I am also not controlled by ‘my macros.’ I am in control of my decisions, not ‘my macros.’ If I want to go over on calories for the day then so be it, I will deal with the consequences (even though there really aren’t any) and move on.”

3) “Can you eat that candy bar?”

  • “Again, I am in control of my decisions so yes, I can eat whatever I want to eat. I own my decisions though and know that I need to plan for the extra calories from the candy bar if I am being strict with my nutrition at the moment. Making healthier choices and changing my habits does not mean I am on a restrictive diet, it simply means I have been replacing my old habits with new ones that allow me to be healthier, happier and look better. I still eat candy bars from time to time.”

4) “Can you still go to happy hour or do you have to workout…again?”

  • “I have decided that I need to lose 20lbs to be a happier version of myself and this means making sacrifices. So, I have made a commitment to 3 workouts a month on Friday nights. On the 4th Friday I will go to happy hour.”

5) “Don’t you need to be fasting right now?”

  • “No, I want to be fasting right now.”

6) “Why are you even trying to lose weight, you look fine?”

  • “Well, thank you. But, I am not happy with how I look or feel at the moment so I am making a commitment to my health for the next 6 months to get where I want to be.”

I shrug comments like that off. I just move on, or least most of the time. Try not to be defensive. I know that can be difficult, but remind yourself that what you are doing with your habit changes is a good thing! In the long run it will be worth it! Others don’t need to follow what you are doing to change your life; they will decide to change if they want to.

Here are some tips:

  1. Maybe find a group of people who share your new similar interests and habits. Everyone needs positive support. My support are my clients, honestly! Don’t shun your friends or family though, I am not saying that. But, add social support to your current network of family and friends.
  2. Have thick skin. I am getting better at this.
  3. Be true to your desires and goals. Keep them in your mind at all times. Write them down.
  4. Be confident..borderline cocky (not arrogant or entitled though). You are doing something others aren’t doing. Something that is healthier, better and very fulfilling. This makes you stand out, for good reasons. Own it without bragging about it. 

But, for now DO YOU. Worry about YOU. And be consistent. You will win in the end.

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