Nutrition Coaching

As the saying goes, you can’t out-train a poor diet. This element of my services is probably THE most important of them all. Quite simply, if you don’t have a solid dietary regimen, you will be lucky to get even mediocre results with your fitness journey.

Oftentimes people think they can eat and drink whatever they want and still maintain their weight if they work out every day. That might be true to an extent. But the reality is, there is more to health than just maintaining weight.

You also have to think about your long-range plan and how your dietary habits can impact your overall health. Exercising daily can possibly balance out your junk food addiction, but at what cost? There will still be a toll to pay with your organs, hormone function and the way your body operates in general. That is where a good analysis comes to the table.

Here, we will sit down and go over your current lifestyle habits involving nutrition. We’ll do a thorough review of what and when you currently eat, your goals related to weight loss, fitness, muscle gain, etc. and changes you can make that fit your daily regimen.

It is also imperative to know what issues, allergies and aversions you have to certain foods and beverages. I want to know what does and doesn’t work for you, and what you do and don’t like. Nutrition is no different than exercise to a certain degree.

If you do not like to do burpees, then I won’t have you do them. And if you do not like a certain type of food, you are not at liberty to eat it. And speaking of which, I do not “prescribe” any particular diet plan.

My job is to educate you on healthy eating habits and foods, and give you the ability to choose the right path based on your personal interests. And with all the popular diet plans out there today like keto, paleo, caveman, Mediterranean and vegan, the thought of nutrition can be very confusing.

I will help set the record straight and answer any questions you have on these diet plans or anything else you want to know that can help you reach your goals. I do this all in a nonjudgmental way and it is important to gather as much information from you as possible.

In other words, you can be completely honest with me, regardless of how off your diet might be. That way I can better serve your needs and help you make the progress that you desire.

I am all about integrating healthy eating habits into your daily life. That is what makes or breaks a long-term program. And really, this all comes down to the basics. Such things as knowing the benefits of water intake, learning about macronutrients (macros) and dialing up your fiber intake.

A big part of my nutritional approach is also centered around your relationship with food. There should never be a moment in your life where you are super stressed or confused about what to eat. Once that happens, your hormones will get out of alignment and you actually predispose yourself to weight gain!

And that is an example of something we would dig into deeper in one of our nutrition coaching sessions.

The overall focus here is to create a solid game plan that gets you to the next level with your goals and initiatives. I will be there every step of the way to hold you accountable, answer any questions and motivate you to stay on track.

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