Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

See below for common questions I receive. If your question hasn’t been answered, click here to contact me.

I work with anyone who wants to improve their quality of life through lifestyle change tactics. From an initial goal of losing 20 lbs. to deadlifting more weight to running your first 5 k (or longer!). I have you covered.

Most of my clients start with some sort of weight or fat loss goal and over time transition to goals of gaining muscle, improving strength and sometimes moving into endurance sports (but not always)!

Sessions with me consist mainly of strength training geared toward the client’s specific goals, such as being a stronger runner, being stronger in day-to-day life, having less back pain, gaining muscle, etc.

My clients are long-term thinkers who want to sustain results for years to come. This means making a commitment to replace bad habits with a positive lifestyle change.

Yes. In fact, most of my clients have some sort of injury or a history of injuries. I am comfortable working with clients who have lower back pain, neck pain, knee injuries, hip injuries, running related injuries and so on.

Being an active person myself, I’ve had my fair share of nagging injuries over the years! Knowing how to manage and work around these injuries has helped me apply knowledge of proper form and exercise programming for clients who are in a similar situation as myself.

I am not a physical therapist or doctor, but injuries are not a reason to stop exercising. There is always a way to modify, and oftentimes, proper strength training is the “fix” for nagging injuries!

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This comes down to your individual goals! Each client has a plan set up specifically for them, based on what their life allows them to do. This is adjustable as we move forward on your journey.
My nutrition coaching consists of two parts. The first (and most important) part is “habit building.” All new clients with fat or weight loss goals will learn how to eat more protein and fiber, and drink more water. The “BIG 3” habits of fat loss.

From there, we layer on more habits that will help develop a lifestyle change while always implementing work on improving your mindset with eating and relationship with food.

The second part of my nutrition coaching is learning how to track macronutrients (macros for short). This step is helpful for some, but not for all. However, we can all use improved habits!

Unfortunately, no. I’m not a registered dietician or nutritionist. Habit building provides skills you can sustain for a lifetime. Meal plans only help someone lose weight, not LEARN how to sustain weight loss.

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To be a successful online client you will need a bit more self-accountability with exercise and nutrition than a client who sees me for weekly sessions.

Why? Well, you will be doing the vast majority of workouts on your own, with accountability from me in emails and text. I also recommend online coaching to individuals who have experience following exercise plans in the past and are relatively injury free.

As a client (in person or online) you will receive a weekly email with workouts to do on your own. All the sets, reps, weights, rest times etc. will be listed. I have a YouTube channel with exercise videos for you to form check with on your own. My goal is to make your fitness life as stress-free as possible. Let me do all the thinking!
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