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I started training with Ryan, when as a bucket list goal in my mid 40s, signed up for a sprint triathlon. Mind you, I had never been a runner nor could even run 1/4 mile when we began our training. Over the course of twelve weeks, Ryan worked with me to increase my strength, speed and endurance such that on race day, I finished in a time far better than I what I could have imagined achieving (and had a blast doing it). With Ryan’s smart training and motivation, my racing success continues (12 minute mile last summer to running consistent 7 minute miles in one year) and I have grown passionate about something I never thought I would be capable of doing. Even more importantly, I think working towards and achieving my fitness goals has made me a better person, wife and mom. Ryan has a winning attitude and cares about his clients and their success in achieving their goals, whatever those goals may be. I am lucky to say I train with him.
I guess you could call me an avid exerciser…I have been a Jazzercise instructor for 26 years, have taken an infinite number of yoga, Pilates, TRX, dance and spin classes, am a long time gym goer and Weight Watcher. During all of those years, and in between having three babies, I managed to stay in pretty shape and ALMOST reached my goal weight MANY times. But, I realized if I wanted to see a real change in my body and weight I would need a new challenge. Hiring a personal trainer was the only thing I hadn’t tried. The thought of being one on one with and having to be accountable myself was overwhelming, but stepping out of my comfort zone was just what I needed. Ryan gave a welcoming “try it” speech at one of my gym classes and thought I would give it a chance. I have been working out with Ryan for over a year now. His expertise in the fitness field shows with the varied types of workouts he offers and with the different equipment we use. No two sessions are alike but, I trust I will be challenged and feel successful in each workout. Ryan is very conscious about safety and tailors my workouts around my knee injury. Ryan has helped me reach fitness goals and a weight I didn’t think was possible. I am confident that with his continued for training and teaching that I will further improve my fitness level and quality of life.
I have been training with Ryan twice a week for the past two years. During this time my strength, endurance and balance have improved significantly. I run track and field for the Special Olympics and over the past year my times have continued to improve. As a competitor I have competed at the State games where I won three gold medals. At the National games in 2014 I medaled in three events including one gold medal. Ryan is now training me to compete in the World Special Olympic Games in 2015. Under Ryan’s direction I have not only gained speed and strength, I have gained confidence in myself, a belief in my ability and a desire to be a strong competitor. The accomplishments I have achieved are due to the consistent support and encouragement Ryan gives me. He challenges me, which has made me a better athlete and person.
Are you ready for a change and to make positive, healthy choices in your life? Then Ryan is the professional to get you on track. I had been exercising 5-6 times a week for over 6 months with very little results – I was working hard but not losing weight or looking fit. I decided to make a change and see a personal trainer. In approximately 5 months, I lost 30 pounds and went from 32-25% body fat. I have worked out with trainers before and saw very little results. Ryan was different.

He is very conscientious about goals, exercise plans and injuries. Don’t expect him to sit or be a bystander when you are exercising with him. He demonstrates the exercises, walks around you to check your form and says encouraging words when you would rather just quit and eat that bag of Tostitos. He is also very mindful of injuries and switching plans to accommodate a sore muscle. Healthy eating and food choices were some of my biggest obstacles. I am not good with nutrition and had a hard time remembering what was in food. With Ryan’s steadfast response to email questions and help from a useful mobile app, healthy food choices have become an integral part of my routine. An added benefit is that my husband and children are eating healthier, too.

At times, I have questioned why I was doing things or why I was doing an exercise that seemed crazy. I am here to tell you to trust the process, trust Ryan, follow the exercise plan given when you work out during the week on your own and trust in yourself and results will happen.

While I was pregnant with my third child, I felt heavy and uncomfortable and promised myself that after he was born, I would start working out again and get back in shape. Another factor that was weighing on my mind is that my paternal grandmother died of a massive heart attack at age 55. While I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, I developed high blood pressure and had to deliver her early because of it. I continued to have high blood pressure after she was born and began taking medication for it.

I started working with Ryan in August and shared my weight loss goals with him. Shortly after that, a friend encouraged me to do the 24-Day Challenge through AdvoCare. While completing the Challenge, I kept food and exercise logs and figured out how to eat healthier and make better choices. Ryan started reviewing my food logs, and helped me to become more focused on my food choices and how they affect my weight loss. He continues to help me figure out what combinations of food to eat, and what my calorie intake should be to stay on track with my weight loss goals.

I lost 11.5 pounds during the 24-Day Challenge, and have lost a total of 50 pounds and more than 13 inches over the last seven months, while working with Ryan. I no longer have high blood pressure or have to take medication, and feel better than I have in years. Ryan’s continued support and guidance

with both nutrition as well as exercise have had a huge impact on my ability to be successful and move as rapidly as I have towards my weight loss goals and a healthier life style. Thank you, Ryan!

Ryan has played an important role in helping me become fit and healthier. Ryan has put together various workout plans that have helped me lose weight and build muscle. Over the course of a few months, I lost 20+ pounds and my muscle tone increased. More importantly, I have gained confidence and love to work out. Ryan’s workout plans he has designed also have helped me perform better while I throw discus. Over all, Ryan is a great motivator, and truly wants the best for all of his clients.

I met Ryan about a year ago and my goal at the time was to lose some weight. My once a week training sessions with Ryan have changed for me over the course of the year. I transitioned from training to lose weight, to training for a 10k and half marathon. From learning what to eat to keep my body strong, to learning hip/core exercises to keep my running pain free, I am now much stronger than one year ago. Anyone can start training to run as I did, but learning to strengthen my hips and core has really been the key to my running success. Thank you Ryan!
I truly consider myself one of Ryan’s success stories. 8 months ago when I came to Ryan for a consult, my main focus was on losing weight and keeping it off and gaining some upper body strength. At the time, my weight loss plan was starvation and, for exercise, I was doing cardio classes 5 days a week and one strength class.

Ryan told me to focus on toning and eating right and not worry so much about losing weight, that would be a by-product of my program. Well, here it is 8 months later and I am eating 3 meals a day and snacking twice a day instead of one meal and no snacks and I have lost 12 pounds. He also changed up my exercise program with a balance of 4 days of strength training along with some cardio and core. I’m also eating smarter; lots of proteins, vegetables and fruits and eating foods I like. As Ryan told me when we started my nutrition plan, if you don’t like it, don’t eat it, I wouldn’t force myself to eat things I don’t like. Right then, I knew he was the right coach for me.

I reached my goals through Ryan’s On-line Program. With my crazy schedule, there was no way I had the time to drive to Waukesha once or twice a week. I like to exercise early in the morning or whenever I get some free time, so I couldn’t commit to a regular schedule with Ryan. His On-line Program really worked for me. We meet once a month to go over the proper way to lift weights or use the machines, I get a new workout, and we tweak my nutrition menu if needed. Then he sends me videos of how to properly do the workout. He encourages me to ask questions and send progress reports after every workout. Ryan is really good about answering questions right away.

I was really impressed with Ryan’s passion, dedication, and professionalism for his profession. He makes sure you get the right workout and nutrition for the goals you are trying to reach and he helps you set those goals so that you come out of your comfort zone when you are ready. I highly recommend his On-line Program if you have a busy schedule and cannot commit to in-person workouts. His program is basically a one-on-one with the videos he sends and the careful attention he pays to your progress. I didn’t ever feel as if I wasn’t getting enough attention even though I was not working with him in person. I am proof that the On-line Program really works. We are now on to my next goal which is running, which I have never done before, and I am excited to see the results later on this year.

In the year I’ve had Ryan as an online trainer, my lifestyle has changed quite drastically. He is really passionate about creating positive life style changes, motivating and being optimistic towards his clients. While focusing on safety during physical exercise and tailoring his training to suit me and my capabilities, he maintains a responsiveness that is top notch. I originally signed up with him to lose 25 pounds and increase my overall health but following his workouts and realistic (!) caloric goals I’ve manage to meet that goal and then some. There are days when I haven’t felt like doing my workout, but being held accountable and knowing I need to check in at least once a week really helped get this change started. I would recommend him to anyone, any age. He has a lot of knowledge about health and fitness to share!

I have been working with Ryan for a year. Since then I have lost weight and inches. More importantly I gained strength and confidence. When I started working with Ryan a year ago, my knees and shoulder hurt and my movement was limited. I am now pain free and more mobile and agile. Ryan is professional and dedicated to his clients. He meets you where you are and is very patient. Since working with Ryan, my mood, attitude and physical abilities have greatly improved! He is extremely knowledgeable and has a true love for what he does. I have tried a lot of weight loss programs over the years but working with Ryan is the only thing that has really made me want to change my lifestyle to achieve lifelong health through exercise and good nutrition! I highly recommend Ryan and Right Body Fitness.

Ryan is a life-changer, that’s what he’s done for me. He walks the walk, keeps me accountable, is compassionate yet calls me out when I need it. I was facing giving up a 25+ yr’s profession & disillusioned -to now feeling confident, stronger, no more chronic pain and still at the same job! The cost is relative, changing my life is priceless! He’s been blessed with a gift, uses it wisely & benefits all who train with him!

I have trained (in a small group) with Ryan weekly for a year. His consistency, positivity and attention to detail have been essential in my journey. Ryan has transformed the way I think about not only food, but also my body and myself. His coaching has allowed me to be the person I want to be, both inside and out. He is so responsive and he wants me to reach the goals I’ve set for myself. Ryan makes me feel like I am his only client. He encourages me to share my daily progress with him and he is there for me, every step of the way. He is detailed-oriented and keeps meticulous records. In addition to fitness coaching, his nutritional coaching and expertise have been paramount in the progress I’ve made. What I am continually impressed with is how Ryan keeps safety his first priority. He is always realistic and positive; he reminds me of the importance of balance and the goals I’ve set for myself. He is never harsh or stern; instead, he is optimistic and encouraging. He is process focused and he forms workouts around my goals and equipment. I cannot say enough positive things about Ryan. If you want a trainer who will be there for you, hold you accountable and encourage you, Ryan is the trainer for you!

Cannot reiterate how much Ryan is an amazing personal trainer. I completed my first Ragnar relay race, with 11 of my teammates. I ran my entire 3 legs at a pace that I am ecstatic with. Ryan helped me prepared for this race not only physically but also nutrition wise. I was more prepared to tackle this challenge than my previous endeavors. During the training period we worked through injuries and busy schedules. I am incredibly proud of this accomplishment and it was made possible with Ryan’s help!

I’ve been working with Ryan a while now and his training model is awesome. He has a great balance of nutrition and fitness training. I know what to eat to be healthy and maintain long term goals. He does not promote anything restrictive. It’s a lifestyle change and not a diet. His training style made me comfortable with free weights and I am no longer “nervous “ to go into my gym alone to train and maintain. The progress I have made in my weight loss, fitness and nutrition goals this year has been amazing. I hope to graduate myself to Ryan’s online training by the end of the year so someone else can have my one and one spot and experience fitness and nutrition freedom too!

Ryan has truly helped to change my life for the better!! He has helped me to have fun with exercise progressions instead of being afraid of the barbells!!! Ryan has helped transform me from “Frumpy Mom” to “”Fit Mom”, and I feel sooo much better on so many levels because of how my body now looks and feels. It is refreshing to work with someone as professional, organized, consistent, and upbeat as Ryan. I’m lucky to have such a great person on my wellness team!
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