I got a really cool email couple weeks back from an Aunt I  haven’t seen in a few years saying how she has been reading my stuff and how she has found a body and a body weight she is happy with.

The key phrase there was “she is happy with.” Not what anyone else thinks is best for her, but what she is genuinely happy with.

**I always like to play devils advocate though. If you are 450lbs or 85lbs and have serious health conditions, those health concerns should probably come before being happy for the time being. This is just for your overall longterm well being. Because trust me…you will be much happier when you are healthier. 

But, for the most part, finding a body YOU are happy with is key. Don’t worry about BMI charts, or body fat percentage charts, or your mom saying you need to gain “some weight” or your friends saying “girl, you looked better in size 10 pants.” Screw em. Do you. It is your body. Your happiness. Yes, that can be difficult, but it is so worth it.

You will always get feedback on what others think you should weigh or what you should look like. This can really shape your decisions you make with exercise and food. But, what is best for you is what YOU actually want to do.

I never tell clients what their goal weight should be for that reason. A chart is simply a chart. I can give a general guideline of what might be a “healthy goal weight range,” but in the end it comes down to clients and what they want to achieve to be happy. Let’s keep it in perspective though people.

So, why am I “bulking?”

I mean I am in good shape. I have no health concerns. I am happy at my weight, how my clothes fit and how I look and feel.

But, I want something different. That is really all it is. I get complacent in workouts unless I have a lofty goal to achieve…I am just like you. I want the challenge of adding muscle; the discipline it takes for me to add muscle, but not add body fat. I still find it fascinating how the body can change when you push it out of its comfort zone.

Just like when I dieted down this winter, I wasn’t doing it to impress anyone. I was doing it to challenge myself. Do you challenge yourself?

Now, I am extremely lucky with my body type and my metabolism. I get that. I hear from clients all the time that I am lucky. Sure, but I don’t take it for granted. I still am consistent with my exercise and nutrition and work my ass off. I pride myself on the consistency I have with my routines. It is what I want all my clients to emulate, so I need to set a good example.

I am no means complaining about what I have, but you know you always want a bit more.

I am also lucky that I can have this goal for myself and know that if I never reach it I will still be healthy and life goes on. I am lucky that I am 25 and living alone and the timing is perfect for me to have a goal like this. In 2 years or 10 years this goal might not be realistic for me to achieve as my life changes. But, control what you can control and take advantage of good timing. 

So why am I bulking again?

I want more muscle because, why not?

I want to do it so I am doing it. That’s it. No special reasons. Just because I want to do it.

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