I never thought I would wear a bro tank…well I now have 4 of em in my dresser. So, I guess the title isn’t 100% for sure, but it is probably 99% for sure.

You know the shirts that look like this:

Or this:

Or this:

First of all it isn’t my personality…besides the one time I wore a “Suns Out Guns Out” Bro tank for a party in college. I am past those days, but I for some reason I still want to get one of these tanks for when I’m day drinking with the guys.

But, more importantly I have become ever more aware of the hyper sensitivity that revolves around the fitness industry (even more so weight loss) in today’s society.

What I mean by this is, the Instagram models or just the random dude walking down the street in a “Kale University” shirt is very likely portraying a message that will not be well received by some, if not many of the people who see the shirt. A message that is turning people away from making the healthy changes in their lifestyle needed to improve their health.

Sure, I think the shirt is funny and you can wear whatever kind of shirt you want. But, for me, as a coach, it just doesn’t jive with the type of person I am trying to help.

I have made a conscious effort recently to watch how much I talk about my personal nutrition and exercise around my family and friends who maybe just don’t want to hear about it. And seriously, that is OK with me. Just because this is a passion of mine, does not mean it needs to a passion of yours. I truly understand that…3 years ago (or last year for that matter) I don’t think I did. I thought everyone out there could have the same desire, drive and enthusiasm in regards to their health as me. I have realized I can’t force you to change, I can only guide when YOU figure out your goals and the timing is right for YOU.

I am not at all perfect, but I am even annoyed with the fitness marketing that is everywhere now a days.

The fitness and weight loss industry can be pushy. When someone is pushed, what are they going to do? They are going to push back. This means they will not respond well to the marketing, AKA the marketing of a “Kale University” shirt. Then, more often than not, this person who is turned off will decide not to start a journey that could potentially change their health for the rest of their life.

I mean c’mon, kale does not sound good to someone who has never eaten a vegetable in their life. It didn’t sound good to me 5 years ago! Portraying a message that “I eat so much Kale I go to school for it,” will just turn people away.

Although I am not singling out this one specific shirt, I think shirts like this are giving a bad rap to the fitness industry. An industry that should be fun, engaging, inviting and most importantly non-judgmental. If I wore a shirt like this in a consult with a new client, it would be sending a message that I am on some sort of pedestal because “I eat eat a shit ton of kale.” Um yea, not very inviting or non-judgmental. I am on the same level as you, I just give sound advice and it is your choice to follow as much or as little of that advice as you want.

Not to mention I don’t even eat kale!! I would rather eat spinach.

Being confident and showing the progress you have made in the gym by wearing new clothes or posting on Facebook is great! This type of stuff can also motivate others close to you to get off the couch and set their own goals.

But, my advice for anyone who is ‘crushing’ it right now is to be careful. I love to answer questions that friends, family and clients ask me. I love to help a client by sending them an interesting article that pertains to their journey, but I know now that they must be willing to accept that help from me. If that “help” from me isn’t truly wanted, it becomes pushy and annoying. This is much of the fitness industry today unfortunately.

Don’t be pushy. Lead by example. When others are ready to follow they will, or they will ask how you are doing what you are doing. This second scenario is even better!

When someone asks for advice this is your time to shed some knowledge on what has worked for you..without sounding arrogant. Definitely sound confident though.

Why did I write on this subject? Because I am seeing some amazing results from my clients. People who have been patient, resilient, trusting in me and my programs, hardworking and been with me for 3 years.  Thank you by the way to all my clients, I wouldn’t be where I am at without you.

Eventually (if not already) you will have someone comment on how good you look and I am sure you will be more than willing to talk about your success…and you have the right to……..


……….just wait until the other person is truly ready to hear what you have to say.

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