I actually don’t know how you find motivation. Spoiler.

Either you have it or you don’t. And more importantly, either you can keep it or you can’t.

You can try putting up motivational posters at home. You can watch motivational workout videos. You can go to motivational speakers. You can get a pep talk from your friend or coach. You can get yelled at by your parents to get a kick in the ass. There are million different ways to get “some” artificial, external motivation. I have used many of them to get me going at times.

But, that won’t last forever. I am sorry, but it won’t.

If you want to keep the motivation  you get from watching a 4 minute youtube clip of Rocky running through the streets of Philadelphia, you need to change your mindset.

You need to change your mindset to one of thinking LONGTERM. I mean there is nothing wrong with not wanting to go to the gym on a Saturday morning and putting on some gansta rap to get you pumped…I do that a lot. But, that will last about an hour or two and then what?

If you truly want LONGTERM success you must think LONGTERM. This means understanding that you might not always be motivated to go to the gym or meal prep or eat healthy for your goals, but that doesn’t mean you stop. Life is about doing things you don’t want to do when you aren’t motivated to do them. So is fitness. The cold hard truth is that even though exercise should be fun, it isn’t always fun. Eating healthy isn’t as exciting as eating a pizza. Getting up at 5am to workout isn’t as satisfying in the SHORTERM as sleeping in. But, what becomes fun and exciting is the results you get from doing things you don’t always want to or aren’t MOTIVATED to do.

I like to workout. I mean duh, its my job. But, I am not always motivated to workout; I can’t explain it. Sometimes I have slept enough, feel great and just don’t want to workout. Sometimes I want to skip and sometimes I do….but not usually if I am motivated for my LONGTERM goal…do you have a LONGTERM fitness or health goal? Something longer than 4 weeks down the road? I think you should

So, I don’t have any practical tips to get motivated and I can’t motivate you for longer than the time it takes for you to read this post. You must motivate yourself. Somehow, someway you need to find a way. This usually takes doing things that in the short term aren’t as fun or exciting, but in the LONGTERM are much more rewarding. Its that patience game many of us struggle with.

That’s it.

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