In my opinion there is one thing lacking from anyone struggling to accomplish any goal in life. This can be a fitness related goal, job related goal, life happiness related goal, whatever. That one thing you may be missing if you are struggling is CONFIDENCE.  When I see my clients develop confidence in their workouts, their nutrition and their life, that is when things take off. Until then it can be a vicious cycle of trying and failing, trying and failing over and over and over. Have you been there? Are you there now?

Who are the most successful people you know? I can almost guarantee they are the most confident people. Not arrogant (ok maybe sometimes) and not falsely confident. Truly, 100% confident that what they are trying to achieve will be achieved one way or another. They understand there will be bumps in the road, but they also understand they have the skills and drive to achieve and that those bumps don’t matter in the long run. My job as a trainer/life coach is to provide all my clients with the skills and accountability to develop that fire and drive so that this confidence can come out. Until you are confident doing whatever is you are doing (or trying to do) you will not achieve.

I train mainly individuals trying to lose weight and I see some pretty amazing body transformations. But, what is even more cool to see is when clients develop confidence in themselves, confidence in their workouts and thus more overall confidence and HAPPINESS  their life. For example, when my ladies walk in with a new pair of bright tights on to workout. Something they wouldn’t have worn 40lbs ago, but now they  look better, feel better and are so much more confident in their appearance! You guys know who you are. I think it’s awesome!  It might sound vain, but let’s be real here. 99% of people are working out to look better. Yes feel better too, but you want to look good! Wear those neon tights, spend money on nice workout clothes. If it gives you confidence you will work harder and that hard work will pay off. Ever heard the saying “Look good, feel good, play good?” Works all the time.  NFL players with all those wrist bands, visors, bright shoes etc may look cocky (well they are), but they exude confidence and that confidence is why they are some of the best athletes in the world. Another quick example from when I worked in the gym and watched my clients absolutely crush workouts on their own because they didn’t need me standing next to them anymore. They had the confidence to walk in the gym by themselves and own a workout that 6 months ago would have left them puking. Pretty cool to see those changes in people.

So many times when I hear people say they don’t have time to workout, my first thought is that they don’t have the confidence to do something new and challenging. And that is OK! Invest in a coach who can teach you skills to see improvements in your life so you can be more confident. Confidence comes with success more often then not, so getting started is the hardest, but most important part of any journey.

This was my confidence in college. Setting a conference record on one my relay teams. Where is your’s at?

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