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I am going to start giving this writing thing a shot as I dive headfirst in to being an entrepreneur and owning my own personal training business. Did I think I would be starting a blog two years ago when I graduated from Carroll University? Nope, never crossed my mind. I hated writing growing up, but have learned to enjoy teaching others about how to reach their fitness and overall health goals. By writing I can reach more people. Two years ago I hadn’t even thought of starting my own business. I was just excited to be ACSM certified and to have 5 paying clients at the YMCA! I honestly had no idea what it took be successful as a personal trainer, except that to provide an engaging environment for ALL my clients, be on time for every session and get results for them. I quickly learned that there was much more to personal training than this. Looking back, I was a pretty terrible trainer, but every session and every new client was an opportunity to gain experience and gather data on what worked and what I would never go back to. I am still doing that today, because I truly believe if I am not constantly learning and adapting my clients will stop seeing the progress they want to see. Alright, enough about the past, let’s talk a little bit about the now and YOUR future.

If you are someone who wants to lose 10lb, 20lb, 50lb, run a 5k, run a half marathon or just look and feel better
then I hope this blog can at least help you get started. If you have a goal, a deadline for that goal and the drive, then that goal can be accomplished. In my mind it is that simple. But, you have to want it; REALLY want it. Many times you just need a little extra guidance, coaching and accountability in tough times and that is where I come in. You do all the hard work, I just make sure you stay on the right track. Pretty simple formula for success, right?

As I meet and work with more and more people (35 clients currently, woof how did that happen) I have started to consider myself more of lifestyle coach than a personal trainer. Sure, I do a lot of personal training, writing workouts and nutrition plans, but I do much more lifestyle coaching and so much listening. So much listening. In my opinion if I wasn’t willing to listen to clients, really listen to them, I wouldn’t be where I am at as a personal trainer, or fitness coach, or whatever you want to call it. I can write the most up to date, detailed workout and nutrition program, but if I didn’t intently listen to my client and what he or she wants, that program may not work one bit. Everything I teach in regards to exercise and nutrition revolves around making lifestyle changes because quick fixes just don’t work when we are talking about any health goal. Especially weight loss goals. For that reason, this blog will be comprised of much more than workout ideas, cool new recipes and macro nutrient guidance; though there will be extensive posts on macro counting. I will also be posting about how to change those unhealthy habits you have been struggling with for years and how to make serious lifestyle changes.

I think that is enough for now, time to pack food for 12 hours of work tomorrow. My first blog post related to a specific topic will be on the importance of macro counting and how to do it accurately. The most important skill in starting a weight loss journey.

Be back soon.

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