Here is a quick list of things that many of my clients and people I talk to about nutrition are doing and doing well. These are are big positives and will add up over time. None of these things will provide you with amazing, immediate results, but what can you do in life that will, besides winning the lottery? Everything takes time.

If you are doing any or all of these things, pat yourself on the back, you are doing just fine. Keep it up. Things will pay off if you don’t quit.

  1. Exercising 2-3 times per week. Even better if this is strength training. Remember, “if you can be anything, be strong.” Quote directly from one of my blogs circa 2016.
  2. Being aware of your portion sizes 80-90% of the time. Hell, even being aware 50% of the time is better than saying f*%# it all the time.
  3. You have a water bottle on your desk at work and drink from it throughout the day. Even if you aren’t getting half your body weight in ounces (this is ideal for many people) you are getting some water in!
  4. You have some greens once or twice a day. We all know the more greens the better. Mom told us that when we were kids even if we didn’t listen.
  5. You look at nutrition labels. Blindly buying and eating anything is asking for trouble. Just flipping over the box and being aware of calories and ingredients is HUGE.
  6. You have a support system of friends, coworkers, coach, trainer etc that keeps you accountable and motivated. No one can do this alone.
  7. You own your decisions. You don’t blame your boss, the kids or dirty gym etc. You are an adult and you own when you slip up.
  8. You are attempting to get better each day or each week by reading and learning new things.
  9. You are reading and learning but not falling for the next fad diet or crazy new workout program. You stick to your guns and the program you are on. You see it through, whatever you are doing. Program or diet hopping never gets anyone, anywhere.
  10. You don’t feel guilty for “being bad. ” You actually are at the point where you realize there is no “good” or “bad. ” There is no “falling off the diet” because you aren’t on a diet. “Life” is not a diet and you realize that. You eat to live and not live to eat.

Even taking 5 seconds to check the label of a sweetner packet, matters. Nothing should be “mindless” with your health.

How are you doing? I bet you are doing more than you think you are. You have come too far to quit. Stick to your plan, be patient, it will work.

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